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Giving people a great reason to ride, since 1892.

1892 Huffy Fatory


Where It All Began
George P. Huffman oversees the manufacturing of the first
Davis Sewing Machine Company bicycle in Dayton, Ohio.

 1899 Dayton Special Roadster


Dayton Special Roadster
The Dayton Special Roadster rolls onto the scene with cylindrical ball hubs, 23” tires and wood rims.

1904 Dayton Roadster


Dayton Racer
The Dayton Racer introduces a new look with dropped handlebars, narrow racer wood rims, 28” tires and the “DAYTON” sprocket chainwheel.

1913 Dayton Cushion Frame Roadster


Dayton Cushion Frame Roadster
Huffman's Dayton Cushion Frame Roadster provides
comfort with unique shock-absorbing construction.

1920 Dayton LaFrance


Dayton LaFrance
The Dayton LaFrance, a motobike styled after a
motorcycle, features braced handlebars, rear
kickstand, wood rims and 28” tires.

1925 Huffman Manufacturing Company


Huffman Manufacturing
Company is Formed

Horace Huffman forms the Huffman Manufacturing Company, which then produces steel bicycle rims.

1925 Huffman Company Logo
1936 Huffman Dayton Streamliner


Huffman Dayton Streamliner
The Huffman Dayton Streamliner ushers in a new look and a new name. One of the first Huffman bicycles, it offers streamline construction and balloon tires.


Huffman introduces bike assembly line
Huffman introduces the first-ever straight line conveyor bike assembly in the U.S. Huffman bike production doubles to 480 bikes in 8 hours.

1942 Huffman Helps the War Effort


Huffman Helps the War Effort
Huffman Manufacturing helps the U.S. Government in the
World War II effort while also making civilian bicycles.

1949 Huffy Becomes a Household Name


Huffy Becomes a Household Name
Advertising makes “Huffy” a household name
by introducing the Huffy Convertible bike.

1949 Huffy Convertible Bike

Huffy Convertible Bike
The Huffy Convertible's rear training wheels
with foot steps revolutionize the children's
bicycle market and is the first bicycle to use
the “Huffy” nameplate.

1955 Huffy Radio Bicycle


Huffy Radio Bicycle
The Huffy Radio Bicycle provides a radio built into the tank, with the antenna and battery pack on the rear carrier, appealing to music lovers.


One Million Bikes
Huffy produces its one millionth bicycle.

1969 Huffy Dragster


Huffy Dragster
The Huffy Dragster is one of Huffy’s early BMX bikes, paving the way for strong sales in the BMX market.

1973 Huffy Scout


Huffy Scout
The Huffy Scout pioneers a new look for the '70s and becomes a best seller. This 10-speed, lightweight bicycle features a narrow racing saddle, dropped-style handlebars and an American West color scheme.

1976 Huffy Corporation


Huffy Ranks First in Bike Sales
Huffy becomes the #1 selling bike brand in U.S. market.


Huffy Donates 30 millionth Bike
Huffy donates its 30 millionth bicycle to the Smithsonian Institute.

1984 Summer Olympics


Huffy Wins Big at Summer Olympics
United States athletes riding Huffy bicycles combine to win 2 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal in the 1984 and 1988 Olympics.

1987 Huffy Sigma


Sigma Follows Lead of Technology
from Olympics

The Huffy Sigma brings Olympic performance features to 20” bikes with disk wheel covers. Consumer preference for the Huffy Sigma makes it the new standard for performance in the 20” category.

1991 Huffy Stone Mountain


Huffy Stone Mountain
The Huffy Stone Mountain climbs to the top of the mountain bike market. This 18-speed mountain bicycle features everything consumers want in a mountain bike – from the 26” gumwall Power-Trac tires and custom Portage bag to the slip-on water bottle and sandblast-look paint effect.

1995 Huffy Gets Looney Tunes Licenses


Looney Tunes Licenses
Huffy introduces its first bicycle license featuring cartoon characters from Warner Bros.; the trend continues with Huffy bikes licensed characters such as Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Princesses and Cars; Nickelodeon’s Dora the Explorer and Thomas the Tank Engine.

1999 New Ironman Brand Launched


New Ironman Brand Launched
Huffy acquires the Ironman license endorsed by the youngest and oldest competitors to ever complete Ironman Hawaii (Jim Ward, age 78 and Loke McMichael, age 18).

2000 Huffy Micro Scooter


Micro Scooters Launched
Over 2.2 million Micro scooters sold as people discover that the ride for them isn't always a bike.

2006 Huffy Bicycles sell one-hundred millionth bike


Huffy Sells 100 Millionth Bicycle
Huffy celebrates 30 years as #1 selling
bike brand in the U.S. and sells its 100
millionth bicycle.

2008 Huffy Website Launches


Huffy Launches Exciting New Website
Huffy launches, a fun, interactive website.
Visitors can browse new products, locate bike trails,
play games and more.

2009 Disney Princess Bicycles


Disney Princess Bicycles
Huffy brings the magic of Disney to kids everywhere with its exciting new Disney Princess® line of bikes, trikes and scooters.

2009 Huffy Disney Princess Video
2009 - Disney Princesses
Featuring the Huffy Disney Princess Bikes.

2010 Huffy's new vision


Huffy Targets Adults for New Print Campaign
Huffy's fun, new print campaign reminds grown ups of the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

2011 Disney Cars Bicycles
2011 – Racetrack
Featuring the Huffy Disney Cars 2 Bikes


Disney Cars Bicycles
Race like Lightning McQueen Huffy’s new Disney Cars® line of bikes, trikes and scooters with a race-kit in the handlebar bag.


2012 Huffy Green Machine

Huffy Green Machine – Now Available in Jr. Size
Huffy introduces the new Green Machine, now available in Jr. Size.

Huffy Disney Princess Bicycles
Huffy’s new line of Disney Princess Bicycles brings the excitement to your little princess with Disney graphics, streamers and a removable doll carriage on the handlebars.


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2012 – Huffy Green Machine 2012 – Huffy Green Machine
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