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Find the right fit for your ride.

Huffy makes it easy!

Knowing what bike size to buy for you or your child is important. Buying a bike too small or too large makes an awkward fit for the rider and the bike harder to ride. A proper fit means a safer ride, better control, more confidence and more fun!

Bike Fitting Chart

Adult and Childrens Bike Shopping

Straddle Test

Wear the type of clothing and shoes likely to be worn when riding to test for comfort – and fit. The best way to select the right size of bike is to “straddle” the bike, with both feet flat on the ground. Measure the clearance between the crotch and the bicycle's top tube. Bikes for females have a sloped top tube. Therefore, imagine the style of a men’s/boys’ bike when measuring, considering that the top tube extends horizontally from the front of the bike while standing over the bike. From this imaginary point, measure the clearance between the crotch and the top tube.

Riding style

You should have between 1” and 3” clearance, depending upon your anticipated riding patterns. For instance, 3” clearance is more comfortable for mountain bike riding. For BMX riding, a 2” clearance is sufficient. For rides through the neighborhood, a 1” clearance is sufficient.

Saddle test

You sit on your bike when you ride, so there are quick ways to determine whether you will be comfortable and have selected the right size bike, just by sitting on the bike. First make sure the seat is in the right position for riding. With the pedal closest to the floor, fully extend the leg with only a slight bend in the knee. Reach for the handlebars, making sure the reach is a comfortable distance.

General Guidelines

The “size” of the bike is based on the size of the wheels and tires. Typically, children’s bikes come in 12”, 16” and 20”. The most popular size adult bike is 26”. Age charts, such as the one below, provide general guidelines for purchasing a bike.

Refer to individual product specifications for variances and additional information before making your purchase.

Age Guide to Trikes, Scooters and Bikes

Age Product
2 and Up Trike, with Parent Handle
3 and Up Trike
5 and Up 3-wheel Wide Scooter
3 and Up 3-wheel Tilt ‘n Turn Scooter
5 and Up 2-wheel Inline Scooter
5 to 8 Years 16” Tri-wheel
8 and Up 20” Tri-wheel
3 to 5 Years 10” Bike
3 to 5 Years 12” Bike
3 to 5 Years 14” Bike
4 to 6 Years 16” Bike
4 to 8 Years 18” Bike
5 to 8 Years 18” BMX
5 to 9 Years 20” Bike
5 to Adult 20” BMX
12 to Adult 24” Bike
12 to Adult 26” Bike
Adult 27” Bike
Adult 29” Bike
Adult 700C Bike

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