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A Huffy Cruiser makes getting “there” all the fun — wherever “there” may be.

Cruisers are the truest, simplest form of fun. These bikes will make you wonder why you ever stopped riding a bike in the first place. They’re made for cruising campuses, vacations, or even a quick jaunt around the block. We make cruisers because we believe the world is more enjoyable when you’re cruising.

The cruiser life — pedal, smile, repeat.

Call them beach bikes, retro bikes or whatever you want, Cruisers are for folks who just want to ride a bike — to have fun, see it all, or pick up a gallon of milk. They’re for people who want to cruise. They’re at home on a bike path, the road or the beach — and everywhere else that’s worth cruising.

Be a traveler. Not a tourist.

Since 1974, Panama Jack has stood for escape, fun, adventure, and the lifestyle of the tropics. We can’t think of a better partner for our exclusive line of cruisers. Classic cruiser style. Beach-ready accents. Nifty wood-grain inserts. Yeah, we said nifty.

Cruiser style endures.

That simple style of big tires, upright riding position and a cantilevered frame has been the stock and trade of cruiser bikes since the days of poodle skirts and tail fins. Looking at the classic cruisers in the gallery below, it’s easy to recognize a style born out of the simplest expression of what it means to be a bike — pure, simple, practical fun.

Classic Cruiser Gallery

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