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16" Girls' Bike

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An enchanted ride - complete with a carriage for her doll!

When the bike ride is done, take the carriage off for more fun

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Color: Purple Glitter

Recommended Age: 3 to 6

Model Number Shown: 21972

Product colors and specifications may vary by retailer.

© Disney


  • Huffy enchanted doll carriage holds assorted doll sizes to go on rides and removes for more play
  • Huffy exclusive Princess tire tread and grips feature hearts and crowns to complete the royal look
  • Durable steel frame is decorated with the beautiful and fun Disney Princess® characters
  • Easy to use coaster brakes
  • Heart-shaped Princess pedals and sparkly streamers make the bike even more fun to ride
  • Wide training wheels for added stability
  • Huffy warranty coverage provides peace of mind

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