Green Machine® Jr. 16" Boys' Thrill Rides™ Tri-wheel - Huffy®

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Green Machine® Jr.

16" Boys' Thrill Rides™ Tri-wheel

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Huffy Green Machine Jr. - the Right Size for the Younger Set

Created for ultimate spins and total fun!

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Color: Black, Green

Recommended Age: 5 to 8

Model Number Shown: 98263

Product colors and specifications may vary by retailer.


  • Green durable resin frame is ready for Huffy Green Machine® spins and slides
  • Comfortable bucket seat provides side support during slides and fully adjusts forward and backward for the right fit
  • Easy reach dual stick steering controls the action
  • Direct drive braking - just stop pedaling to stop moving
  • 16" front tire and extra-wide, super slick rear tires work with the monster rear pivot to engage the spins and slides
  • Huffy Green Machine is all about Take control - Lose control - Have fun!
  • Jr. size - just perfect for Kids ages 5 to 8
  • Huffy warranty coverage provides peace of mind

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